Things You Learn in Therapy

S1E6: When you are around kids...

February 03, 2022 Beth Trammell PhD, HSPP Season 1 Episode 6
Things You Learn in Therapy
S1E6: When you are around kids...
Things You Learn in Therapy +
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Show Notes

This episode covers a wide range of helpful tips for anyone who is around kids or parents. As a parent myself, I found myself taking notes about things that I know I can use in my own house! Listen in as Lianna Purjes shares about #thingsyoulearnintherapy.

Lianna is a former special education teacher turned clinical social worker. Lianna specializes in treating neurodivergent kids and adults with anxiety, trauma, and other mental health issues. Lianna loves creating activities, workbooks, and other resources to help parents and professionals have meaningful conversations with kids…and have fun too!

Lianna's website is and her Facebook group for sharing resources about implementing trauma informed practices into schools is:

This podcast is meant to be a resource for the general public, as well as fellow therapists/psychologists. It is NOT meant to replace the meaningful work of individual or family therapy. Please seek professional help in your area if you are struggling. #breakthestigma #makewordsmatter #thingsyoulearnintherapy #thingsyoulearnintherapypodcast

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