Things You Learn in Therapy

S3 E5: Radical self-compassion and self-inquiry with Dr. Akua Boateng

February 10, 2023 Beth Trammell PhD, HSPP
Things You Learn in Therapy
S3 E5: Radical self-compassion and self-inquiry with Dr. Akua Boateng
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Show Notes

Dr. Akua Boateng came back to the podcast to talk about the power of friendship, with a particular bend toward self-compassion and self-inquiry. Her perspective on "you are new at this" when it comes to understanding our place in specific friendships was SO GOOD. In fact, there were so many moments in this episode where I was taking notes for my own life! One of my favorite quotes from this episode was "our resting position should remind people of our humanness." WHAT?!!? That's just amazing profound and simply breathtaking. Thank you to Dr. Akua for taking time to share with us today. Enjoy!

Dr. Boateng, a native of California, is a licensed psychotherapist with an emphasis in individual and couples therapy.  With 13 years of experience in clinical practice and education, she specializes in an integrative approach to treating anxiety, depression, mood disorders, work concerns, grief, couple and relationship issues and several other emotional concerns. Due to her passion for relationships and couple work, she completed a Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy at Eastern University in Philadelphia, PA. She presently works in private practice in South Philadelphia. Dr. Boateng’s desire is for individuals to overcome their personal obstacles that often create barriers in relationships. She works with clients to take ownership of their emotional health, become aware of unhealthy patterns and work toward a more authentic existence so that they can partner well.

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